About the Network

We find ourselves at a crossroads. We can continue to follow the path that has us going further and further to extract and burn fossil fuels, all the while wreaking havoc on our communities and fueling the climate crisis. Or, together, we can choose another path. We can move swiftly away from fossil fuels in a just transition that empowers our communities in deciding our future.

In our region this choice is present first and foremost in the dozens of proposals for new fossil fuel terminals, major expansions, new pipelines and fossil fuel rail traffic. These projects not only constitute an enormous contribution to the climate crisis and endanger communities near the projects, they also facilitate the continued devastation of communities at the source of extraction near the tar sands, the fracking fields and the coal seams. Instead, we can choose to build movements for climate justice and defeat these projects. If we stop these projects then they can’t ship, sell or burn the fuels. That will leave them in the ground, which is the only place for fossil fuels compatible with a just and livable future.

Rising Tide has created a regional network along the North Pacific coast and in the inland Northwest to address these issues. Learn more and join the movement for climate justice!